Applied Photography – May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
7:00 pm
Drummond Twsp Hall
1920 Drummond Concession 7
****   BRAG  or  BITCH  SESSION   ****
No, you are not going to be talking about your partner, your kids, politics, your neighbours, your grade 5 teacher …..  We want to hear about your camera and gear; to share great things and not such great things about your equipment.  Is there something that you really can’t figure out with your stuff or is it the best piece of photography equipment that you have every had?  This is a great opportunity to share with other members the plus and minus attributes of your camera, lenses, tripods, remotes.  If you can’t figure out something with your gear there will undoubtedly be someone there to answer your question.  Other members may be thinking of purchasing a new camera and hearing about the different ones might help them to make the right choice for them.   Please bring your camera, lenses, and gear and share your love/hate experiences with your equipment.  Oh yeah, bring your manual too.
We had a lot of fun at the April meeting trying to make some macro photos so now it is time to show off your work.  Even if you were not there or you took other macro photos we would love you to share them with the other members.  We ask that you limit your submissions to 3 photos.
Please send Linda your images by NOON on Tuesday, May 3rd.
Please label your images with your name and a number (ex.  Linda 1)
If sending photos via e-mail is a problem please bring them on a jump drive to the meeting .
Look forward to seeing you on May 3rd

Directions from Perth: 

Drive 9.5 km (from Blair’s Furniture Store) East on Hwy 7;  Turn left onto Drummond Conc 7 Road;

Drive 1.1 km, Turn right into the parking lot of the township building

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