Applied Photography SIG – April

When: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 7:00 pm
Where: Drummond Twsp Hall, 1920 Drummond Concession 7


Member Craig Greenwood will be sharing his knowledge about speedlights on camera and off camera. This will include some of the techy stuff about today’s flashes, the various camera/flash settings for flash and how they work, as well as a few on-camera flash techniques. He will also cover off-camera flash using your camera/flash menu, radio triggers, metering for ambient/flash and light modifiers. We will spend a few minutes with your own cameras and speedlights blasting away to see the difference between aperture priority, shutter priority and manual in the way that your setup exposes the scene. This will be a great information session in preparation for our photo shoot next month. It would be a good idea for you to review your camera and flash manuals in preparation for the evening too.


Unfortunately there was not a big turnout at last month’s meeting due to the weather so at your request Gerd has very kindly agreed to explain again the How To’s of Multiplicity and Levitation Photography. We have all seen examples of these strategies so now you have the chance to find out exactly how to make these types of photos from start to finish. This will be a fun conversation and we know that you will enjoy hearing all about these topics.


Whether you attended last month’s meeting or have tried these topics on your own we are hoping that many of you will have images showing off your skills at multiplicity and levitation photography. Sharing your photos is a wonderful opportunity for not only the photographer but for other members to learn. We suggest no more than two (2) images as this will allow time to see everyones’ photos plus have some conversation about them.

Please send Linda your image by NOON on TUESDAY, APRIL 7th
Please label your images with your name and a number (ex. Linda 1)
If sending photos via e-mail is a problem please bring them on a jump drive to the meeting .

Directions from Perth:

Drive 9.5 km (from Blair’s Furniture Store) East on Hwy 7; Turn left onto Drummond Conc 7 Road;
Drive 1.1 km, Turn right into the parking lot of the township building

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