Applied Photography SIG – October 7, 2014

As a short introduction to the Applied Photography Group we thought that sharing some information and our goal with the new members who are considering this special interest group would be a nice idea.  So with that in mind…. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the Drummond Township Hall (directions at the bottom of the notice) with Linda Mentzel and René Jones as the facilitators. The goal is to expand our photographic skills using a combination of instruction and hands on experience.  We cover subjects that help us to understand how to capture good and interesting photos as well as how to get the most out of our cameras.  Member participation is encouraged with the sharing of images and ideas.  By contributing to this group you help others to better understand their cameras and photography encouraging them to step outside of their creative boxes.  

We invite you to join us for an evening and find out if this group fits your needs and wants.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
7:00 pm

Drummond Twsp Hall
1920 Drummond Concession 7


Have you every wanted to capture a car racing around the course or the kids at the football game or an airplane at the air show?  Catching the movement is not as easy as it might seem.  Member Paul Sturmey will be sharing his tricks and images of motion with the goal of helping us to snap that perfect photo showing movement without everything being blurry.  Bring paper and pen to jot down Paul’s hints so you have them on hand next time you are heading out to the sports field, race track or wherever the action is.  


It is really quite amazing how capturing the same image from different perspectives can produce such a diverse image from what we originally thought would have been a nice shot.  Four members have been asked to follow up on Harry Turner’s advise of photographing a subject from different angles and levels to see where the best shot really is.  This is a great learning tool for all of us and no doubt we will be surprised by what can be achieved with shifting our point of view.  As you know, we all learn when someone shares information.  This exercise will open up the communication lines for discussion and discovery.


Fall has arrived with the beautiful weather and rich colours.  The assignment last month was to photograph COLOUR.  As always, the subject is open to interpretation.   The important thing is for members to share.  Please limit your submissions to three (3) images.  This will allow time to see everyones' photos.  

Please send Linda your image by NOON on Tuesday, October 7th

Please label your images with your name and a number (ex.  Linda M 1)

If sending photos via e-mail is a problem please bring them on a jump drive to the meeting.  

Look forward to seeing you on October 7th

Directions from Perth: 
Drive 9.5 km (from Blair’s Furniture Store) East on Hwy 7;  Turn left onto Drummond Conc 7 Road;
Drive 1.1 km, Turn right into the parking lot of the township building

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