Digital Directions SIG – May

When: Tuesday 10 May 2016 7:00PM
Where: McMartin House (Corner Gore & Harvey)

Subject: Working with Blending Modes

Sandra Jones will demonstrate the uses of blend modes and layer styles to process pictures in the fine arts category. Blend modes and layer styling is usually/always experimental, so she will demonstrate 'live', some of the possibilities working with multiple layers, textures, masks, text, and brushes.

For the second half, people are to bring their computers/laptops so they can work on they can experiment or explore on their own to get a hands on grasp of the techniques presented. If you cannot bring your computer/laptop, you can share with another person.

Before & After Pictures

Please send your before and after pictures to Len Modderman by Tuesday May10, no later than noon, or bring them to the meeting on a USB memory stick.

We look forward to the presentation and your before and after images

Chris, Bob & Len

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