Main Meeting – September 2017

When: Tuesday September 26 @ 7:00pm
Where: Algonquin College, Perth Campus, Rm 104

Guest Speaker: Lorraine Fernando - “Painting with Light and Pixels”

Lorraine will share her approach to creating expressive images that are painterly and enigmatic. With each image she invites you to create your own story. In her work, she combines a variety of in-camera and post processing techniques. A self-confessed pixel-bender, she will speak about how she captures and then uncovers and highlights the image data in ways that take her images into surprising and unexpected directions.

Lorraine has photographed for 10 years and is mostly self-taught. She has explored a number of approaches and styles and her work now focuses on creating images that are subjective and that reflect her love for impressionist art. She also enjoys travel photography and capturing urban landscapes.

Member Showcase

Featured this month: Bev Phillips

Member Images

Please note and respect the number of images permitted per category. All images for the Main Meeting must be emailed to Robert Feduke and received by Noon on the day of the meeting, however, earlier is better. Please remember to enter the topic in the email subject line.

Theme: Smells of Summer

Close your eyes and reminisce - what smells remind you of summer? Campfire, suntan lotion, rain, flowers…
Note: maximum one theme image

Anything Goes
Note: maximum three Anything Goes images

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September Main Meeting

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