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UPDATE: 5-MAR-2014

Hello Everyone.

The Portrait Photo Shoot last night was Great. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as well as learning some new skills. There is a new appreciation for portrait photographers cause it's just not as simple as it looks !

A big thank you to our models: Sylvia, Sandy, Bonnie, Joffre and Derek. This can be a difficult role but you were all so accommodating that it made our jobs as photographers much easier. Taking the time out of your personal hours is very much appreciated.

To our Station Masters - Craig, Howard, Bruce and Chris C - thank you seems inadequate but it is most sincere. The time the you spent making your plans for the evening, sharing your knowledge and helping us all capture the models was priceless. Your setups were all different and offered us some great ideas on what we could set up ourselves. Thank You.

To our Assistants - Jean-Denis, René and Chris W - as usual you stepped right in to lend a hand setting up, helping with camera questions and taking down the gear. Thank you for always being willing to show your support for club projects.

To all of you who came to Code's Mill for the photo shoot - Merci. Without your participation, interest and enthusiasm this club would not be as exciting as it is. Thank you all for coming out. Madeleine - thank you for the cookies that we all enjoyed.


When: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 @ 7 pm
Where: Code's Mill (upstairs), Perth


This evening is a great opportunity to photograph models in the different lighting setups at a great location. With all the information shared in the last Applied Photography and Digital Directions meetings we should be prepared for a fun evening and hopefully capture some great portrait shots. So get your camera batteries charged up, bring your camera and tripod and let's meet around 6:45 to start shooting around 7 pm.

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