All meetings are held from September to June with a 2 month break for the summer.
(Click on the tab for information and schedules for each of the meeting types available.)

When: Every fourth Tuesday of the month @ 7PM. Visitors welcome.
Where: Algonquin College, Perth

The regular meeting is formatted to provide an entertaining and instructive program including guest speakers, member profiles, monthly image theme, constructive critiquing, as well as special slideshow presentations and hands-on learning experiences.

Every regular meeting, there is a review of images submitted for the specific Members Showcase theme category, as well as the general "Anything Goes" category. Members are encouraged to share their images with the club for inspiration and for constructive feedback. We have been having great success using digital submissions for presentation on the projector systems at the meeting venues. For members, this means they simply email in their images, identified with their name and the category, for presentation.

Program Schedule - Regular Meetings - Sept 2016 - June 2017

Tuesday September 27, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Mark Bergin - Teaching Photography
- Resident Artist, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
Image Category: Fences
Additional: Membership dues payable


Tuesday October 25, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Henry Fernando - Contemplative Photography
Image Category: Food


Tuesday November 22, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Tony Beck - Wildlife Photography in the Digital Age
Image Category: Altered Reality


Tuesday December 20, 7:00PM - Christmas Social & Potluck
Guest Speaker/Topic: Christmas Social & Pot Luck
Image Category: Choice
Additional: Slideshow of Members’ images
Members bring finger foods


Tuesday January 24, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Sylvia Bumstead - Shapes
Image Category: Tools of the Trade


Tuesday February 28, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Sylvia Bumstead - Shapes Assignment Review
Image Category: Embrace


Tuesday March 28, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Rob Stimpson
Image Category: Broken Glass / Mirror


Tuesday April 25, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Panel Presentation
Brockville Area Photo Club - Joint Photo Shoot
Image Category: Eggs


Tuesday May 23, 7:00PM - Regular Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Tania Marsh - Photosensitive Aluminum / Still Nature Photography
Image Category: Perspectives
Additional: Photo Challenge Information


Tuesday June 27, 7:00PM - Annual General Meeting
Guest Speaker/Topic: Family Fun Night
Image Category: Confederation
Additional: Elections for Club Executive
Fun night of family, friends, and photos
Members bring treats
When: Every 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7PM
Where: Drummond Twsp Hall, Drummond Centre

The goal for this special interest group is to cover the basics of good and interesting photography, how to get the most or more out of your camera and to expand your photographic skills using a combination of instruction and hands on experience. We encourage participation with the sharing of images, ideas and experiences.

Program Schedule - Applied SIG - Sept 2016 - June 2017

September 6: Sizing photos for e-mail; Copyright; E-mailing photos - René & Linda
October 4: Laws - When, where, what can you do/can’t do, model release - Wendy Wood
November 1: Motion shooting techniques - Geoff Stimpson
December 6: Christmas Lights Outing followed by conversation at a pub
January 3: Famous Photographers Presentation - Part 1
February 7: Famous Photographers Presentation - Part 2
March 7: Black and White - Chris Crain
April 4: Equipment - how to use/not use, when to use - Open forum
May 2: Principals of Light with Demo using a simple single flash setup - Paul Grant
June 6: Pot Luck, Discussion re Next Year
When: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7PM
Where: McMartin House, Perth

The redefined Digital Directions special interest group goes beyond using the computer as a tool - Lightroom (Adobe's photography program), Photoshop (Adobe's graphics program) and ProShow Gold/Producer (the slideshow program), to explore with our cameras with topics such as painting with light, indoor-lighting, outdoor-lighting and a host of other advanced techniques. There'll be lots of opportunity for hands-on learning. This remains a SIG for those wanting to go well beyond the basics.

Below are the Topics and Speakers for the upcoming year. Further description of the topics will be provided the week before the presentations.
The format of the meeting will be as such with certain flexibility depending on the length of the presentations.

  • Presentation and questions
  • Short break (15 min.)
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Combination of: ​
    • What’s new in processing (Show and Tell)
    • Questions from audience about processing – immediate answer provided if possible or answer to follow at the next meeting
    • Video or short live demonstration of tips/techniques

The idea is to make the second part more interactive and participatory.

Program Schedule - Digital Directions SIG - Sept 2016 - June 2017

September 13: Sharpening Photos - Wendy Wood
October 11: Printing Photographs - Rod Trider, Master
November 8: Photography with Drones - Bob Wake
December 13: Selection Tools in Photoshop - Paul Grant
January 10: Cloning Tools in Photoshop - Gordon Wolford
February 14: Overview of Corel PaintShop - Tony Thompson
March 14: Editing Video in Lightroom & Photoshop - David Zimmerly
April 11: Processing Black & White Pictures - Robert Feduke & Len Modderman
May 9: Processing Portraits - Craig Greenwood
June 13: Compositing - Jean Denis Labelle
When: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 7PM
Where: Drummond Twsp Hall, Drummond Centre
Members provide photos that are shown anonymously on the screen for a short period of time. Then critique is provided by the group on different elements (technical, composition, wow factor, and subject matter). The author may intervene to provide more information on the photograph.Program Schedule - Critiquing SIG - Sept 2016 - June 2017

September 20: Festive
Show us the fun you had over the summer: festivals weddings, family gatherings, parties and more…
October 18: Symmetry
Symmetry is a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion & balance.
November 15: Still Life
Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. (Wikipedia)
December 20: No Critiquing Meeting – Main Meeting moved to 3rd Tuesday of December
January 17: Emotion
The more emotional the shot is, the more it appeals to our senses, and the greater the connection we feel to it. If a picture conveys emotion – whether it’s happiness, surprise, sorrow, disgust – it is successful.
February 21: High Key
High key photography uses unnaturally bright lighting to blow out most or all harsh shadows in an image. High key images usually convey a positive or upbeat tone. This method is perfect for a subject that is funny, lighthearted or beautiful.
March 21: Black and White
Be adventurous, be artistic, use filters or not. This will be a follow-up to the presentation made at Applied Photography of March 7th.
April 18: Night Photography
Night photography, or astrophotography, is easier than we may think. It really boils down to a little planning and knowing a thing or two about how our camera works.
May 16: Textures
It’s all about patterns, colors and depth, and every single detail of a texture plays a significant role in the overall perception of the photograph.
June 20: Straight from the Camera AND After we Work our Magic
Here we will show our image shot directly from the camera. The shot must taken thinking that you cannot edit it in any way. The group will critique it and only after will the photographer reveal how it was edited.

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