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Allison Kirkpatrick

AllisonKirkpatrick_smMy interest in photography really increased when my first grandchild arrived about 25 years ago. Since then I have become the family photographer and am expected to chronicle as many special moments as possible. I have always loved being outdoors and close to nature and have found that photography has made me much more aware of the amazing beauty and detail in all that surrounds us. I enjoy the composition more than the technical aspect of photography, but am learning more of the latter from so many knowledgeable and helpful LCCC members.


Beverley Phillips

BeverlyPhillips_smI love photography because it's made me see the world in a different way. I now notice details in things around me - light, texture, colour, shapes. And I love it when I can say to myself "Wow, I can't believe I took that!". It's extremely satisfying.

Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Pumpkin (Multi-exposure)
Tremblant (Wide angle lens)

Bruce Raby

Bruce Raby smGot my first DSLR in 2006. A few sayings have influenced my images over the first years of my current photography life: take enough pictures and you're bound to get a good one; if you don't like your images, move closer; it's not what you're looking at that's important, it's what you see; and finally, less is more. The first one is mine, the middle two belong to people who are much better photographers than I am. And the last one is from a local artist but I think equally applicable to photography. Best thing I've done so far is join the Lanark County Camera Club. Wonderfull atmosphere and great learning opportunity. Second best thing I've done is take some courses at Algonquin College ... forced me off the dreaded "P" and onto the much more creative "M". Third best thing I've done is try to follow the sayings that guide my images.

Dancing with a Buda
Looking Pensive
Under the Rainbow
Blowing off Steam
Woman in Red Coat
Looking for Narwhal
Feeling Small at the Floe
Follow Me
Looking for Seals
Geothermal area Iceland
Dancing with a Buda

Craig Greenwood

CraigGreenwood_smMy photographic love affair started about 50 years ago with a bang – a Pentax SLR, bulk BW film, processing and printing, school yearbook photo editor for 4yrs, shooting a couple of modeling school students and a lesson or 2 from a professional. University interfered and after a graduate degree as a wildlife biologist I ended up in northern Ontario taking lots of photos of flora and fauna. With a couple of medium format cameras in tow I started a storefront photo studio for the off hours. Moving, traveling, work and family took over and there was a long lull with periodic bursts of intense picture taking especially during my polar bear research days and while traveling.

I have fully embraced the digital world with a steep software learning curve. My passion is portraits in all forms. I have started a fledgling photography business ( to pursue that passion but always keep an eye out for wildlife, landscape and other interesting opportunities.


Don Farrow

DonFarrow_smI have been interested in photography practically all my life. First started using a film camera in my early years and shared a Pentax Spotmatic 1000. Later I moved to a Pentax SF1, which was one of the first cameras to use automatic focus. However, it was still a film camera so when digital camera s became available I moved to a Pentax 1S DL. This was around the year 2006 and I decided to join the Lanark Camera Club which has helped me learn more how to use the camera and improve my photography skills. Also, with the workshops and different meeting groups I have gained knowledge about using software such as Photoshop and Lightroom to do post processing. I enjoy nature and landscape photography.


Donna-Marie Burnell

Donna-MarieEV-LCCCAs a kid, I always loved viewing the photographs taken by others but never seriously considered taking up the camera myself until I was much older. When I did decide to start, digital photography was beginning to take over from film and I jumped on the bandwagon early on, although I still have my original film SLR. Over the years I've transitioned through various models to my current DSLR (Nikon D5300) and mirrorless (Panasonic Lumix G3) units. My favourite combo at the moment is my DSLR with Nikkor 50mm lens. Within this past year, after being inspired by one of the club's guest speakers, I have been experimenting with converting my photo images to new artforms using the various processing apps now available for mobile devices. My current favourite tool to use is iColorama, an iOS app. I find the creative possibilities are endless which I love.

For more images see:

Shelter Kittens
Earth Angel
Purple Iris
Modern Voyageurs
Molten Kitten
Cheshire Cat
My Bear
Kermit in Watercolour
Blue Rodeo - Perth 200
Two Old Souls
Kitty Etching

Gary Wignall

I retired in June, 2017 and moved from Hamilton to Perth. It was my wife, Linda, that encouraged me to get back to taking photos as I would need to have a hobby with my new found free time. I have been dabbling in Photoshop and Lightroom as well as learning the functions of the camera so that I might enjoy the ‘art’ even more and to get to utilizing manual mode. I have not settled on a style or particular subject matter as you can see from the images I have submitted.


Gordon Wolford

Gordon Wolford Selfie_10587LCCCMy father introduced me to photography in 1950 when I was age 4, so I was shooting photos with the pinhole camera he made for me and developing prints (crude as they were) in his darkroom before I could read or write. For decades after that, I shot photography for both business and pleasure, until I lost interest in it as a hobby due to diminishing returns for increasing costs, but continued to shoot commercially as an adjunct to my graphic design work. Then in 1999, I bought my first digital camera, a 2 megapixel Nikon CoolPix 950, which allowed me to shoot without concern for cost and this rekindled my interest in shooting for pleasure again and I haven’t looked back since. I currently shoot mostly with superzooms (although I have two DSLRs) and process with Photoshop.

My online photo gallery -
My Facebook page -

19th Century Bedchamber
Buffalo Skyline Sunrise
Cow Moose with Calf
Gulf Sunrays
Lake Superior At Sunset
Taking The Plunge
Valley of the Sun-beam
Worth Two In The Bush
Yosemite Valley
19th Century Bedchamber

Discovery Harbour
Photographed at Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada.
Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon EF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
1/80s f/5.6 at 40.0mm iso1600

Graeme Crabb

bioDigital photography is a major factor in my life. I got into it when it began and have been fascinated by how the whole field evolved – from interesting curiosity to mainstream today.

My cameras these days are the Olympus Micro Four Thirds models. With an excellent choice of lenses, they make for a compact and light-weight outfit.

I keep busy with the camera club, doing photo restoration work for clients and teaching digital photography classes.


Helen McKay

BioPicMy name is Helen McKay. I live in Smiths Falls and love photography after a long day at work. I do nature and animal photos mostly. I use a D7100 with a 300 and 400 mm lens to shoot birds. I have traveled to Washington, London, Paris and Wales. I love being outdoors and being out at community events. I spend spring to fall in my kayak doing wildlife to relax. I joined the club 11 years ago. The club has lots to offer all levels of photographers. They have creative ideas for photo shoots, up to date techniques, courses and fun monthly themes.



James McDonald

My photography experience started with a concealed Silent Sam spy camera. Most people I photographed had the same inquisitive look on their faces as I carefully aimed the black plastic briefcase and clicked away. A long list of instamatic and polaroids followed in seamless succession. My first SLR was a venerable Olympus OM1. When digital photography appeared I got a pocket size Richo that took great photos. I followed up with Olympus and canon super zoom point and shoot. I learned that it‘s not the camera that makes great photos but it helps! My grandfather was a superb photographer, cutting his teeth shooting behind enemy lines with a bellows camera whilst dangling from the cockpit of a balsa wood and canvas bi plane, the first use of arial spy photography. Coincidentally. in WWII my father instructed airmen in aerial photography. My mother was a talented painter and I literally inherited her eye for colour.We both possess an extra set of colour receptive cones in our retinas. I spent countless hours honing photography skills and equally important the fieldcraft required to work very close to wildlife without scaring them. I eventually upped the ante and bought some pro lenses, starting with the big gun, a Canon 500f4. After lugging this wonderful behemoth through swamps and tangled undergrowth of Gatineau Park for seven hours, I longed for the simpler days, cycling with my pocket size richo! But alas there‘s no turning back on the photographic journey.

Blackburnian warbler
Red fox kits eagerly prepare to leave home for frolicsome fun and adventure!
Smiths Falls Bascule Bridge
Young barred owl checks out his newly fledged feathers
The ovenbird belts out his loud strident call.
Scarlet tanager cools off in a forest stream on a hot summer day
A passing snow squall during golden hour provides a dramatic contrasting background for this male snowy
At sunrise Canada geese leave the safety of their roosting pond
The american woodcock'
Blackburnian warbler

Jean-Denis Labelle

JD_ppI was not blessed with my mother’s talent for painting. But photography enables me to capture images in light of what my mind wants to reflect. Using various software, I can then create scenes that reflect moods and emotions. My interests are various and my technique… a work in progress. Shooting through the lens of my Canon 5D Mark lll, who knows, you might be my next subject!

Cute but deadly
Lovers at the Classic Theatre Festival
At your own risk
Dressed to the 9s
Blending with nature
Kingston or bust
Olympic champion
Full steam ahead
Cute but deadly

Len Modderman

BioPicIn my early twenties I bought a 35 mm Konica SLR camera and ventured into the world of photography. Initially shooting with color film I soon started using Kodachrome slides for most of my shots. Setting up a darkroom allowed me to develop my own black and white pictures.

Closer to my retirement and with the advent of digital cameras, my interest in photography was piqued again. My wife bought me a digital camera and I was smitten. I love to capture nature whether it is wildlife, landscapes, flowers or anything that has to do with our beautiful surroundings. I also love to experiment in the studio capturing smoke, splash photography, macro, as well as venturing into more urban photography. Learning to see the beauty that surrounds us and trying to capture it, is what keeps me reaching for my camera.

Being part of the Lanark County Camera Club is a most enjoyable experience, meeting and learning from fellow photographers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Balancing Act
Changing Directions
Golden Forest
Honey Bee
Otty Lake
Waiting for Spring
Wild Orchid
Balancing Act

Linda Mentzel

bioThere was always an interest in photography for me but, as with so many others, time and other interests pushed photography to the back burner. With the introduction of digital cameras my curiosity was peeked and I started on a journey that is leading me down many different roads. My perspective on my surroundings has completely changed. I try to look for the different angles with an eye open for the unique. I truly believe that photography is proof that one can view the world in many different lights allowing you to focus your creativity through your lens.


Lois Perreault

LoisPerrault_smLois' primary interest is in the composition of the photo but what she wants to do is learn more about the technical aspect of photography. She enjoys travelling and most of her images have been landscapes taken while on holiday. Presently she is using a mirrorless Olympus E-P5 camera and finds it perfect because of its' size and weight - ideal for travelling. Lois joined the LCCC three years ago and is impressed with the high caliber of knowledge that the members offer freely.

Eze, on the Mediterranean, 2008
Moody Eifel Tower 2008
View from the Louvre, 2008
Canadian Cemetery, Beny-sur-Mer, Normandy, 2008
Honfleur, Normandy
Arromanches, Normandy, 2008
Montserrat, Spain
Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
Lois Perreault. Port of Genoa, Italy
Portofino, Italy
I see you! Everglades, Florida
Key West Sunset
Peggy's Cove....Lois Perreault
Lunenberg ...Lois Perreault
Monet Florida Waters
Giant's Causeway, Antrim Coast, Republic of Ireland
Carrick-A Rede Rope Bridge, Antrim Coast
Kylemore Abbey, Ireland
Shanghai Marketplace, China
Yangtze River, China
Eze, on the Mediterranean, 2008

Eze, on the Mediterranean, 2008

Madeleine Labelle

Madeleine Labelle

Madeleine Labelle

After attending a presentation on garden photography at the Horticultural Society I knew it was time to get a DSLR. Then courses and workshops with my Canon 60D opened my eyes to different techniques and subjects that I never would have thought of photographing before. The Club has since 2009 been an inspiration and provides me with the stimulation to continue my journey.

And The Spirits Fly
Lovely After the Rain
Not So Itsy
Peaceful Morning in Stratford
Perth Welcomes Christmas
Stratford's Mascot
The Sun Lays Out The Plan
Threesome in the Rain
White on White
And The Spirits Fly

Mike Flynn

BioPicMike Flynn – just retired this year and I am looking forward to getting back into the infinite aspects of photography. Many years ago in high school I was an avid black and white photographer developing pictures the old way in a darkroom setting. Then as career and life took off and became more complex, my photography went to automatics and simplified to documenting my children’s and life’s milestones. Technology has made leaps and bounds since the days of my darkroom experience and I would like to more fully understand the digital medium and the editing software packages for post production of pictures.

Eye through wood bark
Granddaugher at Rib Fest
Kids "Trust"
SI Exif
Eye through wood bark

Norm Swaebe

My Bio

Borna child of the fifties to a working class family in Toronto. Leaving high school into a first job as an appliance repair person and then entering a four year apprenticeship in the construction trades. Traveling around the country I picked up photography as a hobby in the 70's, over the years it fell by the wayside. Leaving construction in 1980 to pursue a career in computer maintenance only to go back to construction in 2007 until 2016 when I retired and picked up photography again in the digital medium, returning to a camera system I loved then, Pentax! A new world has opened up to me again.

My Website link:  or just Flickr

My E-Mail address:

Morning Glorious
Black-Capped Chickadee
Carleton Place Town Hall
Carleton Place Town Hall
Heron on the Mississippi
Memories of Easter
Pretty in Pink
Morning Glorious

Dean Sullivan

I have a lifelong interest in Photography. From childhood darkrooms to owning a photoshop and more cameras than I can remember, it’s been a passion close to my heart. I’m interested in many forms of photography, especially the artistic rendering of the extraordinary to the mundane. The LC Camera Club is an excellent place to grow as a photographer and learn from the many helpful and knowledgeable members.

The Corridor
Eagle Eye
Owl Relax
On The Level
Ol Green
Pointing To Heaven
Spring River
Meeting Place
The Corridor

Paul Grant

Paul Grant

Paul Grant

I have been interested in photography for as long as I remember but never pursued it until about 5 years ago. Soon after buying my first DSLR I discovered a passion for wildlife photography. My photography interest and style continue to grow. The Lanark County Camera Club is a great venue to share my images and knowledge and learn from other club members.

Bald Eagle - Juvenile
Barred Owl
Blue Jay
Coopers Hawk
F18 Refuelling
Great Blue Heron
Great Grey Owl
Horse & Egret
Pileated Woodpecker
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl
Wood Duck
Wood Duck
Bald Eagle - Juvenile

Paul Sturmey

bioI have always been interested in photography, since I was a child using a Kodak Brown box. I am interested in all kinds of photography, but enjoy taking action shots and travelogue photos the most. I am purely a hobbyist, and I am looking forward to learning more about taking better photos through the camera club, and its members.

For more images see:

Rene Jones

Rene Jones

Rene Jones

My interest in photography started while I was growing up in my hometown of Harrington Harbour, Quebec. At that time it was with a box camera, probably a Brownie. Most of the photos were of friends and family. Because I lived in a remote area I had to wait weeks to receive the developed film only to find all photos were a disaster. My interest waned and I did not use a camera much until I spent several summers in the Arctic using a Pentax 35mm SLR. There have been lots of changes with cameras and I am now using a Nikon D300. The ability to take as many pictures as I want and then filter through them, keeping those that I would like to share, is a real bonus with Digital SLR cameras.

Being a part of The Lanark County Camera Club is rewarding. I have made many new friends and enjoy learning and sharing information with the members.


Robert FeDuke

RobertA committed film photographer, I was captivated by digital when it first became available. The camera and the software editing potential opens so many avenues of creativity for me. A recent arrival to the county from an urban environment, the Lanark County Camera Club, has been a positive and friendly experience. The photographic opportunities in this area are unlimited. My style and scope continue to evolve thanks in part to other photographers I have met in our club and the unbelievable beauty of the area.


Rose Closs

RoseCloss_smI became interested in photography following the footsteps of my oldest brother who had a talent of taking great family photographs which we all treasured over the years. Recently, I decided to improve my photography skills and the quality of the pictures I was taking (family portraits, landscapes and vacation memories). I joined the Lanark County Camera club (LCCC) where I have met some amazing photographers, learned many new techniques in photography and photo editing. I currently use a Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera and a Canon PowerShot G12.


Sandra Jones

SandraJonesBioI've always had an interest in art and a quiet desire to be an artist. I've dabbled in other mediums over the years, but nothing has allowed me to express myself more than the combination photography and computers. I can equally enjoy the time spent taking the pictures and the time spent editing to create a finished piece. Joining the camera club was a smart choice, helping me grow tremendously, both as an artist and a person. Our supportive club structure and the way we share members knowledge is a winning model. I not only better understand the technical side of digital photography and editing software, but I am learning to be more creative, exploring new ideas and have much more confidence than I would ever have had on my own.


Sheila Stojakovich

SheilaStojakovich_smI have always loved taking pictures, but a busy family life put this interest on hold. I bought my first point & shoot camera in 2005, but I was very frustrated by its limitations. Since I decided to invest a few more dollars in this hobby, I needed to learn more about the barrage of available features on my new camera and the accessories that could go along with it. By chance, I was invited to attend meeting at the Lanark County Camera Club to see if I would be interested in joining. From the first meeting, I was amazed at the multitude of experience that the members have and how they, so generously, share their knowledge. My skills improve with every meeting I attend. It's a great club!


Victoria Laube

imagePhotography crept into my life in the late '90s, a time when for a few winters I travelled around the southern US in an old school bus and needed a creative outlet. Although I had no formal training and stuck to 'point and shoot', the medium gave me an opportunity to notice what many people bypassed, an excuse to look closely, a reason to stare. I began snapping images of things beyond their prime, well-used or used-up things, objects disintegrating and missing parts, with peeling paint and rust spots. And, although I have developed interests in many different areas of photography, I still continue searching for the message and the elusive beauty in the imperfect, the incomplete and the impermanent.

I shoot with a Panasonic Lumix GF1 and thanks to the encouragement and help of many of the knowledgeable, and personable, members of the LCCC, I've become technically more proficient with my equipment and more confident with post-processing. And for $30 a year, how great is that?!

I love New York City, and my three images - LIFE in the SUBWAY: walking, standing and sitting - are from a recent visit there.


Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood

The first camera that I could call my own was a Brownie, the images taken with this camera were not all that spectacular however learning how to make that film come alive in the darkroom was breathtaking and I fell in love. It took me a long time to move into the digital world; took the plunge in 2011 and I haven’t looked back. My focus over the years has been on nature and macro photography.

The arrival of the first grand baby introduced a new and fascinating macro subject and sparked the interest in capture the details of these new and precious little beings. Following my retirement from Bell in January 2015 my husband and I set up a small Studio in our home in Carleton Place.

To remind me of how far I’ve come, a shelf in our Studio proudly displays my old film cameras and lenses.

Facebook: Wendy Wood
Ficker: wenderfullyfun


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