Regular Meeting – April

When: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
Where: Algonquin College, Room 104

Guest Speaker: Moira Law

Our guest speaker for this month's meeting is Moira Law - a Fine Art Photographer. Taking a quote from her website best describes how Moira feels about photography and how she wants to portray her art. "Photography can be a way of documenting the visual world as it appears but Moira considers her camera a means of artistic expression rather than a recorder. She believes modifying images with software is a valid use of the form so her work often tends toward the obviously manipulated, the abstract or the surreal." We are looking forward to hearing from Moira as she shares her ideas and images with us.

Members' Showcase

Theme Image: Feathered

Show off your creative talents and share with other members your Feathered pictures. As always, this theme is open to interpretation. We really appreciate your participation with the Members' Showcase and Anything Goes so please continue and share your images with the club.

We have found that submitting them via e-mail works really well as we can show them on the screen for easy viewing. E-mail your photo(s) to René Jones Name your images with your first and last name and the theme title in the subject line.

Since we didn't have enough time at the March meeting we will be reviewing the Joint images that were submitted to René also. This should make for an interesting combination.

Anything Goes

Pictures in this segment can be of any subject. Sometimes we have a fantastic photo that we want to share and sometimes we would like to have some feedback on what could have been done to improve the image. By sharing your inspiration, techniques and questions with other members it helps all of us to develop as a more informed photographer.

Again, we really like showing the images on the screen but if you have a photo printed on a special paper or canvas and would like to share it, please do. When e-mailing your photo send them to René Jones with Anything Goes in the subject line. Please name your images with your first and last name.

Please Remember

  • All of the buildings that we hold our meetings in are Scent Free
  • We ask that you give our speakers the attention they deserve and keep your conversations to break time
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