Regular Meeting – March

When: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Where: Algonquin College, Room 104

David & Helga Zimmerly: Iceland Travel

As a farewell to the winter cold and in anticipation of Spring’s warmth, what better way to celebrate than by a presentation by our own David and Helga who will show us their photos of their trip to Iceland. We thoroughly enjoyed their past presentation of the North and this will be another opportunity to live vicariously through their wonderful photos.We look forward to hearing about it and seeing some great photos.

Members’ Showcase

Theme Image: HIDDEN

This is a challenge to get you outside and explore the items hidden beneath the winter snow cover. It might well be something hidden beneath or inside something else. There will be an interesting mix of individual choice of submissions that best personifies the theme of HIDDEN. It is always a surprise to see the creativity or our member’s submissions and their imaginative takes on the theme.

You are encouraged to submit your photos to share with other club members. Sending your images by e-mail works very well and facilitates showing them on the screen at the meeting. For this month, please send your photo to Robert Feduke. When submitting your images, please identify them with your first and last name and in the subject line of your e-mail indicate that it is for the theme HIDDEN.

Anything Goes

You are encouraged to submit images for Anything Goes either by e-mail or by bringing them with you to the meeting in printed format. You can submit more than one image for this segment. For images submitted this month please e-mail them to Robert Feduke. Please identify the images with your first and last name and in the subject line please

It is by sharing with each other that we learn and this segment offers an opportunity to do just that. By sharing our images we receive encouragement for our efforts and gain inspiration from the work of others which may lead us to try new techniques.

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