Regular Meeting – May 2017

When: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Where: Algonquin College, Room 104


Tania studied photographic techniques at Algonquin College and has a degree in Art History and Arts Administration. With her interests in art and photography, vintage interior design and the natural world, she pulls together unique creative passions that are reflective in her work.

Tania has founded The Silver Shingle, a signage and creative imagery company that specializes in photosensitive anodized aluminum. Each metal plate is individually hand developed in a darkroom whereby the image is embedded within the photosensitive aluminium. The end result is a unique and attractive way to display photos in which the images take on sheen-like quality that draws viewers in and captures the imagination.

We look forward to seeing her images and exploring new ways to display our images.

Theme Image and Anything Goes:

Submit your ONE best shot for the “Theme” which this month is PERSPECTIVES.

The theme this month is wide open to your individual interpretation. Surprise us with your creativity.

Please remember to have your photo submitted no later than NOON on Tuesday, May 23rd as no late submissions or memory sticks will be able to be included in the presentation. Please send your “Theme” photo with your name and the title PERSPECTIVES on the subject line to Robert Feduke.

“Anything Goes” You may submit 2 photos of your choice. Please identify them with your name and in the subject line please include the identifier of “Anything Goes”. Please send them to Robert Feduke by NOON on May 23rd.

Member Showcase

This month's member showcase presenter will be: Graeme Crabb

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