Applied Photography SIG – December 2014

When: Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 7:00 pm
Where: Drummond Twsp Hall, 1920 Drummond Concession 7


Things have changed for this session of the Applied Photography meeting. We are going to have an outside photo shoot instead so please bring your camera, BATTERIES, tripod and whatever other gear you might need (hint: mag light flashlight). There will be lights set up outside and we will have some sparklers available to give you a chance to play with that type of light drawing. Please dress warmly.

(There are all sorts of you tube tutorials on night photography as well as light drawing.)


So you have a great camera and lens that with your help produce wonderful images but they need that extra little something. Filters might just be the answer. Member Robert FeDuke will be addressing this topic so that we will have a better understanding of filters and just what they can do for us. As you know, we really believe that stepping up and sharing information is a great way to start conversation and increase our knowledge of the many different areas in photography and camera gear. We are looking forward to hearing about filters from Bob - hope you can join in the conversation.


At the November meeting the photo assignment for this month was to capture an image that made you step out of your comfort zone. For example: if you don’t like Macro photography - give it a try; or if you don’t like portrait photography - give it a try. You get the idea, I’m sure. The important thing is for members to share. Please limit your submissions to three (3) images. This will allow time to see everyones’ photos plus have some conversation about them.

Please send Linda your images by NOON on Tuesday, December 2nd

Please label your images with your name and a number (ex. Linda M 1)

If sending photos via e-mail is a problem please bring them early to the meeting on a jump drive.


Have you created your own photo book that you would like to share with other club members? Please bring it (them) along with you to let others see and be inspired by.

Look forward to seeing you on December 2nd

Directions from Perth:

Drive 9.5 km (from Blair’s Furniture Store) East on Hwy 7;
Turn left onto Drummond Conc 7 Road;
Drive 1.1 km, Turn right into the parking lot of the township building

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