Regular Meeting – October 2016

When: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 7:00pm
Where: Algonquin College Room 104

Guest Speaker: Henry Fernando: Contemplative Photography

We are privileged to have Henry Fernando with us this evening. Henry is based in Ottawa with a passion for travel and photography, which as we know marry so well. Henry appreciates the opportunity that travel affords him to learn about our world and it’s varied cultures while satisfying his adventuresome spirit. Henry is trained in Contemplative Photography which “opened his eyes to the rich and vivid colour and texture of the world around us.” Henry has won numerous International awards and his work will be an inspiration for all of us during his presentation.

Member Showcase: Sandra Jones

Theme Image and Anything Goes

Don’t forget that there will only be one photo submission for the “Theme” so make sure you submit your best shot. This month’s theme is FOOD so we’re sure that there were plenty of opportunities this harvest season and around your Thanksgiving table to capture an interesting photograph. But as usual, we anticipate that the creativity that abounds in our membership will prevail and that we will see some unusual submissions. Please remember to have your photo submitted no later than NOON on Tuesday, October 25th as no late submissions or memory sticks will be able to be included in the presentation. Please send your Theme photo with your name and the title FOOD on the subject line to Robert Feduke.

Anything Goes” submissions have been changed to a limit of 2 photos to ensure that there is sufficient time to cover all our planned presentations. Please identify your photos with your name and in the subject line please include the identifier of Anything Goes. Please send them to Robert Feduke by NOON on October 25th.


Your membership fee is requested to be in the form of cash (the exact amount would be appreciated) or cheque. LCCC Treasurer, Madeleine Labelle, will be available to expedite your registration.

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